Jun Soliven
  • B.S. Architecture. 1995
    University of Tokyo
    Tokyo, Japan
  • The Bartlett (Master of Architecture), 2004
    University College
    London, England
  • Registered Architect:
    Japan (First Class), No. 302581
  • Japan Institute of Architects,
    No. 0501301

Koji Tsutsui has been at the forefront of the architectural development during the past 15 years. He brings to Facilities Design Group both the architectural expertise as well as the ability to conceptualize and implement highly creative design solutions to projects. He articulates the client=s objectives in an architectural vocabulary, realizing the potential in terms of aesthetic beauty, a flexibility of building technology and the project=s situation within the urban setup. He has received and is responsible for the award winning design of various projects and competitions such as:

  • 2009 Chicago Anthenaeum International Architecture Awards
  • 2009 Global Holcim Awards, Finalist
  • 2009 International Design Awards, Conceptual, 2nd Prize
  • 2009 World Architecture News Awards, Finalist
  • 2009 MIPIM AR Future Project Awards, Special Mention
  • 2008 World Architecture Community, 20+10+X Architecture Awards
  • 2008 Holcim Awards Africa Middle East, Silver
  • 2008 World Architecture Festival Barcelona, Spain, short listed
  • 2008 LEAF Awards UK, short listed
  • 2008 Good Design Award, Japan
  • 2008 Ceramic Tiles of Italy Design Competition US
  • 2007 Barbara Cappochin Foundation, Italy, Best International Works
  • 2007 JIA Award Selected Works
  • 2007 JIA Award Selected Works
  • 2007 SD Review
  • 2006 JIA Award Selected Works
  • 1997 SXL Residential Competition

In private practice, Koji Tsutsui Architects & Associates, Tokyo (www.kt-aa.com) has built projects in Japan and the United States, including:

  • Multi-cellular House 2, Tokyo
  • Reflection House, Tokyo
  • In-between House, Karuizawa
  • House T, Mill Valley CA
  • Annular Orphanage, Uganda
  • Industrial Designer House, Tokyo
  • Ambiguous Duplex, Tokyo
  • Flat within Flat, Tokyo
  • Bar Clan, Tokyo
  • Noh House, Tokyo
  • Abeno Japanese Restaurant, London
  • Nostalgia Capturing House, Shizuoka, Japan
  • Engawa House, Tokyo

For 3 years with Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects, San Francisco CA, Koji expanded his experience to include civic projects such as:

  • Public Safety Building, San Francisco
  • Mammoth Lakes Courthouse
  • Magnes Museum, Berkeley
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto Exhibition, deYoung Museum, SFO
  • Rowen House, Santa Rosa

For 6 years, as a project manager with Tadao Ando Architects & Associates, one of the world’s leading design firms, he designed and managed projects such as:

  • Kaga-shi Kinjyo Junior High School, Ishikawa, Japan
  • Minami-Senba Housing, Osaka, Japan
  • Nishi-Tanabe Housing, Osaka, Japan
  • Daylight Museum, Shiga, Japan
  • Wakihama Housing for the Reconstruction of Kobe Earthquake, Kobe, Japan
  • Harima Kogen Higashi Junior High School, Hyogo, Japan