The Campsite is part of a 200-hectare residential community development, south of Manila. The mountaintop community is nestled among the pine trees and with a commanding view of Taal Lake and Volcano. The Campsite is the community’s recreational and sports facility. It consists of:

  1. Pavilion with dining/meeting facilities and kitchen,
  2. Swimming pool adjacent to the pavilion,
  3. Gymnasium for indoor basketball, squash, badminton and locker facilities,
  4. Outdoor tennis courts,
  5. Playground including children’s play equipment,
  6. Picnic ground including barbecue pits, gazebos and picnic tables/benches,
  7. Lake for fishing and boating activities, including a boat dock and boardwalks,
  8. Outdoor amphitheater with waterfalls and semi-circular seating,
  9. Jogging/walking trails with exercise stations and equipment,
  10. Outdoor skating rink/rollerblading path,
  11. Parking facilities,
  12. Landscaping including walks, bridges, etc